About our school

The basic facts about our school school

  • Number of pupils – 720
  • Number of classrooms – 28
    • (average 26 pupils per class )
  • Number of teachers – 40
    • (some of these employed part time)
  • Number of daycare teachers – 9

Our Curriculum

  • Extended language teaching
    • We teach English since the 1st grade
    • We teach German since the 6th grade
  • Participation in the program of healthy schools
  • Use of modern information technologies

Specialised Classrooms

  • 2 language laboratories
  • 2 computer classrooms
  • Biology classroom
  • Physics, Chemistry laboratory
  • Crafts room
  • Art classroom
  • Classroom for social education
  • Information centre/library
  • Kitchen  

What we consider to be the most important objectives to teach our pupils

  • The ability to use the learned knowledge
  • The ability to give their opinion and to face the consequences of their decisions
  • The ability to form and express their thoughts, to listen and react  appropriately

The most important aims for the pupils to learn

  • To develop the skill of working alone as well as in a group
  • To set up and follow the rules
  • To communicate in foreign languages
  • To present the outcomes of their work